Day 9: Departing


We are departing Rome today and headed back home! We learned so much on this trip and had such a great time. Countless memories were made as a group and it was an amazing experience. Today’s featured photo is from the park we visited the day we saw the Borghese museum!

Day 8: Free Day in Rome


We started out today on the later side with some lunch at a local café. As the day progressed, we just hung out as a group, finding souvenirs for everyone back home and shopping around. We finished the day off with dinner with a view of the Colosseum Shoutout to Hanna for today’s featured image!!

Days 6-7: Borghese Museum, Little Colosseum, and Cannon Firing


Ciao a tutti!! Yesterday, we started off with a peaceful stroll through the park and rode 4-person bikes as a group. Right afterwards, we visited the Borghese Museum and saw countless beautiful works of art from paintings to sculptures and finished the day off with a boat ride in the park. Today, we walked through … Read more about this article

Day 5: The Vatican


Today we went to the Vatican!! We started off at the museum, made our way to the Sistine Chapel, and finished off at St. Peter’s Basilica. Seeing all the beautiful artwork as a group and learning more and more about Italian culture has been such an excellent experience so far! After our tours, we had … Read more about this article

Day 4: Colosseum and Palantino


Hi all!! Video coordinator Casey coming in live for today’s blog post—today was filled with exciting new experiences! We started off our day taking the metro station to the Colosseum, where we learned about the history of gladiators. We had a quick stop for pizza and cappuccinos, and quickly continued our journey. Next, we traveled … Read more about this article

Day 3: Castel Sant’Angelo, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, and fresh pasta!

A photo of the group in front of Castel Sant’Angelo

Today we all went as a group ready for more sightseeing. We saw the beautiful remains of the Pantheon as well as the Castel Sant’Angelo with all the history that follows it. We experienced the lively Piazza Navona with countless vendors and restaurants before having some amazing fresh pasta from Osteria da Fortunata. Shoutout to … Read more about this article

Day 2: Walking Tour

A photo of the group in front of a Roman fountain

We started off the day bright and early with cappuccino and some pastries. Then, we made our way for the walking tour of Rome, where we saw so many beautiful sights from countless churches to the Trevi fountain. We finished the day together with pizza and gelato! Shoutout to Casey for the group selfie!!


italy group

Eight students and two faculty are about to depart for Rome. We are set to land at around 10am in Rome!! Super excited to see everything that happens during this trip!!

Departing soon!!

A photo of GCU’s Global Lions logo on a T-Shirt.

Eight students and two faculty are departing for Rome to learn about Italian Language and Culture on Thursday night. We’re all really excited for everything the city brings, from the food to the attractions. We will be returning on March 4 with a lots of new cultural experiences!!