We Made It!

Hello from the other side…… don’t worry about whatever else Adele said; we’re here, we’re so happy and we finally slept! Flight lengths got the best of us but we beat the jet lag! Yesterday was a long day but packed with adventure! We made it to some markets and explored different snacks than what we’re used to. We got to see some neighborhoods and heard about some history, too. The waterfront was the perfect spot for sunset and silly photos! The best week ever is just getting started. Here are some personal feelings… 

Melanie: It feels really good to be somewhere new and see so many things! Everything is an eye opening experience. If the worst of it is not having freshly brewed coffee, I’ll be back! 

Samantha: My new adventure begins!! Although it started off rough, will tears and insomnia I am glad to be here. Things are completely different than what we have back home, but I’m trying and learning new things, excited to see what this week has to offer.

Yanely: Roughly 15 hrs total on a plane= numb bum, but it was totally worth it! On our way to the guest house, we saw beautiful mountains, one being Table Mountain, which we will take a hike on later on in our trip. South Africa’s terrain and its people are beautiful- can’t wait to see more!

Caitlin: It’s cold. I’m excited and yeah!!! There isn’t warm water from the sinks; only hot or only cold so I’m getting used to that. The sights and company is great! It will only get warmer and better from here (just not the water!).

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