Our last few days abroad were spent in Munich, Germany. We visited the (resistance to Hitler and the Nazi) White Rose museum and the court room in which they were ultimately sentenced to death . We also took a Nazi Third Reich walking tour and visited Dachau concentration camp. Both were somber experiences. Walking through the camp and same paths as those who were humiliated and murdered was difficult and heavy.

Hannah, who is writing a research paper on the White Rose, remarked: “ I found the experience of going through the museum dedicated to their legacy as well as the courtroom that held their trial to be truly moving as well as essential to my research. It truly helped put their sacrifice into perspective.”

We are all extremely thankful for the experiences we have shared together and the friendships we have all made and will cherish forever. We are not excited to come back and wish we could stay here forever, until next time, Auf Wiedersehen, Au Revoir, Vaarwel.

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